Still Beauty

Flowers provide a sense of stirring calmness for me, as their beauty is still and quiet, yet their colors are vibrant attention grabbers. These marvels of nature compel me to document them. Short spans of existence in this world, flowers are the versatile Hallmark of nature. When given they express love, well wishes, thank yous, appreciation, apologies, sympathy and congratulations among so many other feelings and … Continue reading Still Beauty

Cheesy Dreams–Wendy Makes Mozzarella

Cheese is a dreamy proposition. It is delicious and with so many varieties you can get salty, nutty, aged, soft, hard, sharp, mild, creamy goodness. It makes a piece of bread sing and took cake to another level. Sadly, I am allergic to cheese. I don’t break out in hives, my throat does not close up nor does it do serious damage to my stomach. … Continue reading Cheesy Dreams–Wendy Makes Mozzarella