Frutee Man! Made of mangoes, strawberries, pineapple and orange juice
Frutee Man! Made of mangoes, strawberries, pineapple and orange juice

Homemade smoothies can be a quick and healthy snack for kids, but take that term as a controlled experience, not an invitation to a calorie and sugar fest. In my house, some frozen fruit, 100% juice, an 8 ounce glass and a straw go a long way.

Use fresh fruit, but frozen fruit is just as good. I tend to use both kinds. I always have at least two bags or more of frozen fruits at hand. We do not always have enough space for the ice tray (note to self, get around to the hooking up the ice maker, do not ask), so the frozen fruit is enough to keep the smoothie nice and chilled. Also, it is more economical for those times of year when fruits such as strawberries, mangos and pineapples are not in season or available locally. Sure they may still be available at your local grocer, but they tend to be more expensive when not in season.

My son has an issue with milk, so I only use a 100% juice when I make them, but can introduce fat free milk or yogurt in lieu of or to complement the juice and add in some protein.

When making these all I do is add the fruit and ice with some juice or frozen fruit and juice and blend. There’s no need to pull out the über mixer for these any small personal blender will do. I find personal blenders to be much easier to pull out and use as well as a great way to control portions. For example, I split the 16 ounces I get from my mixer in two and voilà, I have an instant happy boost of natural energy vs. a candy rush and crush.
Add in more fiber, by adding in some pieces of whole fruit as I did here. I decided to add some character by creating a funny face using a couple of blueberries, a frozen strawberry and a piece of mango.

I will start experimenting with vegetables next, wish me luck! While my kids love vegetables, they do not feel that positive about drinking them. I am happy they eat them, but perhaps I can sneak some new veggies they are apprehensive about trying into my next fruit smoothie episode. Now where is that kale…


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