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While on our vacation last year in Puerto Rico, my family and I spent some time gazing at an aquarium in the hotel lobby. This sea urchin was in the tank, and while it looks like it’s in a perpetual apoplectic state and at first gave the creeps, the more I looked at, the more […]

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Lone Protectors

I have always been attracted to the elegance of trees. Sun, rain, snow, they always represent a solitary strength to me. Each one with its own personality. And even when there are groups of them, they each seem to live alone, a freshness enveloped in ancient textures keeping years of secrets.

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In Search of Future Pies.

I went apple picking a couple of weeks ago and had a lovely time with the family. The air was crisp and the day was slightly overcast with hints of sun peaking through. The clouds were fluffy and dainty in a sky that was a clean shade of blue. I have never been apple picking so […]

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Steady Lines

Life is an outline that we have to fill-in the way we see fit. When we are young others guide our hands in sketching out the lines and as we gain confidence and take the reigns we color in those lines ourselves. Now and then in stark defiance or better judgement we erase it all […]

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