In Search of Future Pies.

I went apple picking a couple of weeks ago and had a lovely time with the family. The air was crisp and the day was slightly overcast with hints of sun peaking through. The clouds were fluffy and dainty in a sky that was a clean shade of blue. I have never been apple picking so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went with an open mind and a lot of gadgets to capture all that we experienced. The trip to the farm was so beautiful and stress relieving. The fall foliage was in full effect, providing fall’s promise of the beautiful orange and golds on leaves that still gave a hint of the spring and summer that nurtured them.

Braeburn, Ida Reds, Winesaps, Pink Ladies, and already picked Golden Delicious apples came home with us that Saturday in early October. I will definitely do this again. Maybe twice. I needed to quickly start making some scrumptious treats with those beautiful orbs of crunchy, tasty heaven. First I needed to peel the apples. Funny how everyone disappeared at that point…sigh.


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