Steady Lines

Life is an outline that we have to fill-in the way we see fit. When we are young others guide our hands in sketching out the lines and as we gain confidence and take the reigns we color in those lines ourselves. Now and then in stark defiance or better judgement we erase it all and start over.

Often we let others take over our outline, sometimes with good intentions and sometimes for lack of good judgement. This can be tricky, but if all else fails, you have a lesson learned. Sometimes we need to let others take care of us and help guide us. These moments of surrender are when we are at our bravest, to let another take the lead and us to follow, never losing our resolve and eventually taking back sweet control.

If we look back and see what we created we would see our outline is a complicated dimensional canvas, full of motion, beautiful rainbows made up of profoundly deep rich colors of tumultuousness, whimsical pockets of humor with threads emotion strengthened with love and sadness binding them wholly together.

© Michelle Matos-Becerra 2014


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