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Steady Lines

Life is an outline that we have to fill-in the way we see fit. When we are young others guide our hands in sketching out the lines and as we gain confidence and take the reigns we color in those lines ourselves. Now and then in stark defiance or better judgement we erase it all […]

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Love Permission Slip?

Dear Micmatbec, “I had my first heartbreak in my mid-thirties and seem to have become jaded. I don’t feel like I want or need to be in another relationship or date for that matter, but my friends are concerned that it’s been too long (it will be 5 years in June).” Sincerely, In No Rush

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When people drive you crazy, pull out your imaginary bulletin board, pick them up, place them over the farthest side of that board and stick a pin in them. Pin should go directly over the mouth.

Now walk away.