Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds Vintage

In New York City, sometimes you can hear the birds chirping away and fluttering about, especially in the morning or as you walk down a quite street. With the exception of the pigeons who most likely are walking alongside us with attitude. Gotta respect that. Evolution by way of city life.

I try to capture these city birds with my camera as often as I can. I find them fascinating because they exemplify a fragile survival to me. Like the eggs that contain them, they come into this world as small, thin layer of toughness that is easily breakable. They are also the most elusive creatures, get too close and off they go flaunting their most precious gift of flight.

I had the good fortune of catching not one, but three birds enjoying a snack on a Sunday afternoon, of course by way of a piece of discarded Italian bread.

Gotta respect that.


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