In Puerto Rico: Old San Juan

Statue Old San Juan 4.16 IMG_9243
Statue, name unknown
Hanging out with the winged Islanders
Parque de Palomas PR 4.16 IMG_9490
Parque de Las Palomas / Pigeon Park, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Cobblestones Old San Juan 4.16 IMG_9207
Original cobblestones laid out back during the Spanish occupation of Puerto Rico. The blue coloring comes from oxidation over the years.
Building 1 Old San Juan 4.16 IMG_9576
Flower Old San Juan 4.16 IMG_9265
Flower right after a rainstorm
Blackbird OSJ
Greater Antillean Grackle (Quiscalus niger)
La Casa Estrecha in Old San Juan. About 2 stories high stretching back 36 feet and 5 feet wide inside. It was once used as servant quarters, then became a home and is now an art gallery.
Flag Old San Juan 4.16 IMG_9419
Buildings show both Spanish and Moorish influence

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